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Poet, Teacher, Editor 


NO INFINITE: A Journal of Poetry, Art and Protest

“NO INFINITE is born out of the lost illusions of the 21st century, the failure of infinite growth on a finite planet and numbed to near death by indolent economists and out of touch politicos.

NO INFINITE provides a venue for writers and artists whose words and visions speak to our world, far worlds, and infinite worlds, with an eye towards protest and revolution.”

“There are no hierarchies, no infinite, no such many as mass, there are only eyes in all heads,
to be looked out of ”                                 
                                                — Charles Olson,                                                                “Letter 6”

‘Make Poetry an Angry Rifle’On NO INFINITE, Boston’s New Zine of Poetry & Radical Politics

Vol. 1

Joseph Torra, Thera Webb, John Wesley Coleman III,  Tamer Mostafa, Annie Gardner, James Cook, Victor Valera Mora translated by Anne Boyer, James Stotts,  CA Conrad & more. Cover art: Francesca Caruso.

Vol. 2

Sophia Le Fraga, Jared Stanley, René Char trans. Teresa McMahon, Richard Owens, David Rich, Mark Pawlak,  Semezdin Mehmedinović trans. Ammiel Alcalay, Jill McDonough, Mel Bentley, Ed Steck, Jim Dunn, David Grundy & more. Cover art: Inga Eičaitė.

Vol. 3 - Southern Writers Feature

Cody-Rose Clevidence, C. Violet Eaton, Jessica Comola, Tim Earley, Whit Griffin, Sara Nicholson and Matthew Henrisken. Also poems by Rod Owens, Mariya Dekyute, Dolly Lemke / Nick Demske, Fleury Colon, Joseph Rathgeber, Joe Hall and an essay on protest and poetry in the U.K. by Justin Katko. Cover and artwork: Julia Sullivan

Vol. 4 - Election Issue

Anne Boyer, CA Conrad, Jon Papas, Miriam Gabriel / Maryam Imam, Keith Jones, Michael Peters. Daniel Remein, Molly McGuire, Maria Zervos,  Dan Wuenschel, Tamas Panitz. Translations from the Kurdish by Kawa Nemir, Cemal Süreya translated from the Turkish by Öykü Tekten. Drawings and visual poems by Feliz Lucia Molina. Cover and artwork: Paul Ebenkamp.


an international literary magazine focusing on the culture of war

Contributing Editor, Poetry


Vol. 12

Poetry by Peter Balakian, Tara Ballard, Jennifer Barber, Lily Bowen, John F. Deane, Andy Eaton, David Ebenbach, Martin Edmunds, Ezra Dan Feldman, Danielle Legros Georges, Richard Hamilton, Markham Johnson, George Kalogeris, Stefan Lovasik, Fred Marchant, Khaled Mattawa, Elisabeth Murawski, Joyce Peseroff, Tom Sleigh. Translations by Tue Sy and Zuzanna Ginczanka.

Vol. 11 - Iraqi and Kurdish Writers Feature

Iraqi and Kurdish Poets, Edited by Brian Turner; Poems by Seven Iraqi Women, Edited by Amir Al-Azraki; other poems by Tararith Kho, Bruce Weigl, Jennifer Jean, Leah Zani, George Kalogeris, Mitch Manning, and Dang Nguyet Anh translated by Martha Collins and Nguyen Ba Chung. Plus an interview with Polish writer Olga Tokarczuk.

Vol. 10 - Women and War

Poetry by Ru Freeman, Melissa Green, Ida Faubert (trans. Danielle Legros Georges), Jennifer Barber, Marjorie Agosin (trans. Alison Ridley), Renny Golden, Danielle Jones-Pruett, Shannon Kafka, Theadora Siranian.

Vol. 9 - Cambodian Feature

Poetry by Melissa Hem, Chath pierSath, Monica Sok, 
Sokunthary Svay, Bunkong Tuon, Alan Lightman, Jane Collins, Tom Sleigh, Aaron Brown, and more.

Vol. 8 - Israeli / Palestinian Feature 

Poetry by Salman Masalha (trans. Vivian Eden), Nasser Rabah and Yonatan Berg (trans. Joanna Chen), Lisa Suhair Majaj, Mariam Abdul Dayyem (trans. Julie Yelle), Teresa Mei Chuc, Tami Haaland, Rachel Heimowitz, Richard Hoffmam, Fred Marchant, Kelly Morse, Nir Eisikovits.

Vol. 7 - Iranian Feature

Poetry by Rira Abbasi (trans. Roger Sedarat and Rouhollah Zarei), Garous Abdolmalekian (trans. Sara Khalili), Mohsen Emadi and Granaz Mousavi (trans. Sholeh Wolpé), Emran Salahi (trans. Amin Esmaielpour and Nazila Hafezi),Tom Sleigh, Gail Hosking, Adam Graff.

Vol. 6

Poetry by Fanny Howe, Yusef Komunyaka. Dan O‘Brien, George Kalogeris, Amin Esmaielpour, Márton Falusi (trans. Paul Sohar, Ha Phuong (trans. Martha Collins and Nguyen Ba Chung).

Vol. 5

Poetry by Peter Balakian, Andrea Cohen, Martha Collins, Tom Daley, Kurt Klopmeier, Jill McDonough, Joyce Peseroff, Peter Dale Scott, Lee Sharkey, Paul Wasserman.

Arrowsmith Press    

Assistant Editor  

Soundings: On the Poetry of Melissa Green        
Edited by Sumita Chakraborty               
(Arrowsmith Press, 2016) 

Magpiety: New and Selected Poems
  by Melissa Green          
(Arrowsmith Press, 2015)          

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